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How To Make Future House With Dropgun Samples Siks Pack

Dropgun Samples Siks Future House: The Ultimate Sample Pack for Future House Producers

How to Make Future House with Dropgun Samples Siks Pack

If you are looking for a sample pack that will help you create catchy and energetic future house tracks, look no further than Dropgun Samples Siks Future House. This sample pack is produced by Siks, a French DJ and producer who is known for his unique and innovative style of electro house, future house and groove house. He has released tracks on some of the most prestigious labels such as Spinnin, Hexagon, Armada, Revealed, Fonk, Universal and Warner. His track Make Me Feel signed on Hexagon, the most popular future house label of Don Diablo, has reached more than 4 million streams and has been labeled as one of the most played tracks of 2018 by DJs.

Dropgun Samples Siks Future House contains 5 complete construction kits that are fully processed and produced by Siks with his own presets, samples, MIDI files and amazing male vocal hooks for each kit. The vocals are performed by Eddie Jonsson, a talented singer and songwriter who adds an essential element for a successful radio dance hit. You will find everything you need to make your own future house bangers, from drums, basses, synths, leads, plucks, pads, effects and more. The samples are in WAV format and the presets are for Massive, Serum and Spire. The MIDI files will give you full control over the melodies and chords.

This sample pack is inspired by the sounds of artists like Don Diablo, Tchami, Mesto, Brooks, Mike Williams and more. It is suitable for any genre of EDM that requires catchy and groovy elements. Whether you are a beginner or a professional producer, you will find this sample pack useful and inspiring for your next project.

You can get Dropgun Samples Siks Future House from their official website or from Splice Sounds. You can also listen to the demo tracks on SoundCloud to get a taste of what this sample pack can offer. Dont miss this opportunity to get your hands on one of the best future house sample packs on the market.

Dropgun Samples Siks Future House Features:

  • Total File Size: 638 MB (Un-Zipped)

  • Total Audio Files: 162

  • Total MIDI Files: 22

  • Total Presets Files: 23 (Massive, Serum, Spire)

  • 5 x Construction Kits

  • Key and Tempo Labeled

  • 100% Royalty-Free


  • Siks Future House Dropgun Samples

  • Siks Future House (Sample Pack) by Dropgun - SoundCloud

  • Siks Future House - Samples & Loops - Splice - future house

How to Make Future House: Tips and Tricks from the Pros

Now that you have a great sample pack to work with, you might be wondering how to make future house sound professional and polished. Here are some tips and tricks from the pros that will help you improve your production skills and make your tracks stand out.

  • Drum tightening: One of the secrets to making your drums sound crisp and punchy is to use a technique called drum tightening. This involves using a warp mode in Ableton Live (or a similar feature in other DAWs) to shorten the transients of your drum samples, making them sound tighter and cleaner. You can do this by double-clicking on your drum loop, changing the warp mode to Beats and Transients, and lowering the transient envelope. Be careful not to lower it too much, or your drums will sound chopped off. This trick works on any drum sample, whether its a loop or a one-shot. (Source: How to Make Future House: 36 Tips From the Pros - EDMProd)

  • Low cut and saturate: Two basic effects that you should use on most of your tracks are EQ and saturation. EQ is essential for cutting out unwanted frequencies and making your mix sound clean and balanced. A good rule of thumb is to low cut everything that is not supposed to be in the low end, such as bass and sub. This will prevent mud and rumble from building up in your mix. Saturation is a great tool for adding warmth and color to your sounds. It creates harmonic frequencies that make your sounds thicker and fuller. You can use saturation on any sound, but be careful not to overdo it or your mix will sound distorted. (Source: How to Make Future House: 36 Tips From the Pros - EDMProd)

  • Layer your basses: Layering basses is a powerful technique for creating harmonies and filling up the frequency spectrum. By using different bass sounds that complement each other, you can create a rich and complex bassline that will drive your track forward. A typical future house bassline consists of a sub layer, a main bass layer, and one or more additional layers that add texture and interest. The sub layer provides the low end foundation, the main bass layer provides the main melody and groove, and the additional layers provide extra details and variations. Make sure each layer has its own frequency niche and that you EQ them accordingly. (Source: How to Make Future House: 36 Tips From the Pros - EDMProd)

  • Sidechain: Sidechaining is a must-have technique for any EDM producer. It involves using a compressor or a volume shaper to duck the volume of one sound when another sound plays. This creates a pumping effect that makes your track more dynamic and rhythmic. The most common use of sidechaining is to duck the bass when the kick plays, creating more space and clarity in the low end. You can also use sidechaining on other sounds, such as synths, pads, vocals, etc., to create more movement and energy in your track. There are many plugins that can help you with sidechaining, such as VolumeShaper, Kickstart, LFO Tool, etc. (Source: How to Make Future House: 36 Tips From the Pros - EDMProd)

These are just some of the tips and tricks that you can use to make future house like a pro. Of course, there are many more aspects of production that you need to master, such as sound design, arrangement, mixing, mastering, etc. But with practice, patience, and passion, you can achieve anything you set your mind to. 04f6b60f66


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