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Autodesk Maya 2018 ((TOP)) Crack

I have an educational serial number for Maya 2018 but every time I click on the "Enter a Serial Number" on the middle button in the splash screen that appears (when launching via the desktop Maya 2018 shortcut or Autodesk Desktop App) the splash screen closes, the Maya Output Window appears for a split second with an error message that I could only grab with a well timed screenshot ("maya : Autodesk Maya 2018Licensing ErrorA licensing error occurred that Autodesk systems were not able to handle"), and then disappears. I have followed all the instructions for a clean uninstall ( -service/download-install/remove-products/clean-uninstall) and the more extreme version of uninstalling every single Autodesk application found here ( -service/download-install/remove-products/remove-windows-prod...). Both before and after all this uninstalling and reinstalling the result is exactly the same. I just need to get to an interface where I can type in my serial number. I am currently running Windows 10 and I saw a post suggesting a complete re-installation of Windows 10 but there has to be another way. Even if you could walk me through modifying a license file somehow manually via notepad or something rather than completely starting over with a fresh Windows 10 and then reinstalling every other application and all my data. Please help me find a reasonable way to enter in my license information.

Autodesk Maya 2018 Crack



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