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Htc Sync Manager Unable To Connect To The Liveupdate Service

With your PC turn on and booted into windows connect the phone with a usb sync cable. Now go to the device manager which is located in the settings menu under hardware and sound. Open the device manager and locate the HTC one M8 and click on it to open its options/information menu. Here you can check which driver the phone is using and if it is functioning properly. The driver should be a usb driver from HTC, so if you notice it is using a windows usb driver or another driver not from HTC then unistall the driver and device and restart the PC.

Htc Sync Manager Unable To Connect To The Liveupdate Service

You can also try uninstalling HTC sync manager and then after rebooting the PC try installing the most current version of HTC Sync Manager to see if this corrects the issue by reinstalling the correct driver. Try using different sync cables too if these other options are not helping. Most of the time this is caused by windows using a usb driver that it believes is compatible but truly isn't, so if you are having syncing issues always check to see what driver windows is trying to use or what it has your device listed under in the device manager. Hope this helps.

Karthik Rengarajan - I cannot find usb options either within settings or within my HTC desire 510 phone. I have tried looking for them asking where they may be on the internet and cannot find anything... Sadley I cannot go any further past step 2... when I connect my phone to laptop (win7) i can see it in explorer and can search files folders ok but it does not try and install htc sync manager...

HTC Sync Manager had trouble connecting to my phone. It would start a sync process, but then say that there was an error. After an hour of fruitless research, I tried to update anyway. After a bit of updating, it would say that the update failed, and it would just revert back to the old OS. Frustrated, I said that I would try again later, and uninstalled/deleted everything that I had downloaded.

I beat my head against the wall on this one. This started happening when I installed the latest version of HTC sync (3.0.5579). For some reason adb.exe was showing up multiple times in the task manager and I was getting the adb server is out of date killing errors multiple times. I found the adb.exe version in the HTC sync directory and the Android SDK platform-tools directory. I had the path setup correctly pointing at the android SDK directory and didn't see the HTC Sync path (maybe I was missing something, but I don't think so). Anyway, to fix the issue, I simply renamed the adb.exe file in the HTC Sync directory and everything worked again. This may not be the right way to go about this fix, but it worked for me.

I did not see anything in my path related to HTC Sync Manager, though I had it installed. I'm not working with my HTC device at the moment, and only had the sync manager installed to help with driver issues. Once uninstalling the HTC sync manager this issue went away for me.

However, a pertinent issue which bothers several users is being unable to connect to the server when they most need it. If you are one such Android user who is facing the issue of Android software update unable to connect to server, check out some of the most effective solutions given below.

While troubleshooting the problem of unable to connect to the server, one of the most common solutions which you can try is forgetting the Wifi network and restoring the Wifi connectivity. Any problem you face with respect to establishing a secure Wifi connection can be resolved using this solution. You can forget the Wifi network and restore it on your Android device in the following way.

Tenorshare ReiBoot offers the best solution when Android users are faced with the problem of Android check for software update "unable to connect to server". Not just this, Tenorshare ReiBoot for Android can be used to resolve several minor and major technical glitches in your device. This is why it is a great idea to invest in Tenorshare ReiBoot for Android if you use an Android device.

However, sometimes you need to connect HTC phone with Mac. Let's just answer the following two questions. What will you do when you change your phone or somehow lost your mobile phone? Or when you have upgraded the Android version? In those situations you must sync your HTC with Mac. Otherwise, you may lose your important data. As there is no other way through which you can connect your HTC phone directly with Mac, you must take the help of third party tool for doing this. In this article, we will discuss four third party tools that you can use to sync HTC with Mac.

After installation, connect your HTC phone to your Mac with the supplied USB cable. HTC Sync Manager for Mac will automatically open. If HTC Sync Manager for Mac doesn't start automatically, start it manually. Once HTC Sync Manager has started, it will begin syncing automatically.

Note: If your data is on an external drive connected to the server, you can move the Dropbox folder to the same external drive. You can also free up space on your local hard drive after migration with selective sync.

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You can change this setting on your Account History page or manage your private data whenever you like. If you don't use your Chrome data to personalize your Google experience outside of Chrome, Google will only use your Chrome data after it's anonymized and aggregated with data from other users. Google uses this data to develop new features, products, and services, and to improve the overall quality of existing products and services. If you would like to use Google's cloud to store and sync your Chrome data but you don't want Google to access the data, you can encrypt your synced Chrome data with your own sync passphrase. Learn more. 350c69d7ab


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