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What is IAESTE

IAESTE is an international association that organizes international internships primarily for students in STEM disciplines (science, engineering, architecture, and math), business, and other professional fields. In each country, there is a National Committee (NC) as well as a number of local committees (LC). The National Committee is in charge of the entire country’s operations, whereas the local committees are student groups at universities throughout the country. These committees work together to ensure IAESTE Canada is functioning efficiently. The main role of the Local Committees is to encourage Canadian employers to participate in the IAESTE program. Since the IAESTE system is based on a direct exchange, the more international students we can bring into Canada, the more Canadian students we can send abroad.

Overall, IAESTE is a great way to meet people in your country as well as internationally. It encompasses core values of professionalism, international cooperation and friendship in every way. Do you want to be a part of the IAESTE family? Contact us to find out how to get involved!


Am I eligible?

  • Available for full time students at Canadian universities and colleges between 18 and 35 years old, regardless of citizenship status

  • Studying science, engineering, business, applied arts, or other professional programs

  • Undergraduate or graduate students.  Graduating students are eligible as well.  However, you must still be a student when you register with us.

  • IAESTE is great for summer jobs, co-op jobs, or to work abroad just after you graduate

IAESTE internships are...

  • In your field of study

  • In over 80 countries around the world

  • Paid enough to cover your living expenses in the country of work

  • 6 to 52 weeks long

  • Social events and support from IAESTE in the country of work

How to register?

  • Register at as a student.  Make sure you enter CANADA as the IAESTE Committee.

  • Once your account is enabled you can view available offers!

To apply for an offer

  • You can see all offers available to Canadian students are through your account at 

  • You are permitted to have only ONE active nomination (application) at any one time.

  • If you see an offer you want to apply for you can apply online.  You can also email with the offer Reference Number.  Our Exchange Coordinator will verify that the offer is still available and that no other Canadian students have already applied for the same position.

  • We will send you instructions including the information required to apply, which includes a cover letter, resume, official transcripts, certificate of enrollment from your school, and other documents.  You will also require a passport valid beyond the end date of the internship.

When you are accepted by the employer

  • After the employer has accepted you for a position, you will be required to pay a $500 placement fee via Interac e-Transfer to

  • Salaries are sufficient to cover your expenses while you are abroad but you are responsible for your own transportation and health/travel insurance


Here’s a detailed guide for how to utilize the exchange platform (EP) – IAESTE Student EP Instructions


Already found a position abroad and need help with your work permit?

  • Register at as a student

  • Pay the $250 Student Reserved Offer fee via Interac e-Transfer to

  • We will contact you and the IAESTE committee in the foreign country and provide you with what you need to apply for your foreign work permit


Q: Can I use an IAESTE job for my co-op term?

A: Definitely! However, check with your co-op advisor that the particulars of the job and the duration of the placement meet the requirements of your program.


Q: What kind of support does IAESTE offer to students?

A: In your home country, IAESTE Canada will help you with your nomination package, applying for your visa or work permit, and other administration tasks. Be sure to reach out to your nearest Local Committee if you’d like to talk to a fellow student about IAESTE. In your placement country, that IAESTE Committee will usually assist with lodging, organizing social events, and answering any questions you may have about that country.



Q: How many offers can I apply for?

A: You are permitted to have only ONE active nomination (application) at any one time. Therefore, it is very important to read ALL O-Form PDF (offer) details very carefully. Your best chance of getting a placement is to apply for the offer that most closely aligns with your education and experience.

Q: Do I need to upload an official transcript or is unofficial okay?

A: In order to submit an application to an international employer, an official transcript is required. This may take time, so it is in your best interest to have the official transcript handy!


Q: How can I increase my chances of getting a job?

A: There are typically between 50 and 300 positions available through IAESTE at any one time.  Many jobs are only posted for a few weeks so it is recommended that you check approximately once per week throughout the year.  

Jobs with well known companies in popular countries often receive 30 to 40 applicants so it can be difficult to be accepted.  However, there are many jobs in other countries that receive only a few applicants or none at all.  Those jobs often offer amazing, rich experiences and your chances of getting accepted can be quite good.  The more adventurous you are, the better your chances! 


Q: Are there any offers that I can't apply for?

A: There are countries and regions where Global Affairs Canada advises are unsafe to travel to.  IAESTE Canada will not allow students to apply for positions in countries or regions that have the travel advisories:  Avoid all travel or Avoid non-essential travel.


Q: Do I have to meet all required qualifications stated in an offer?

A: For your best chance of success, yes!

Employers are looking for individuals who meet their posted requirements and they select accordingly. In addition to relevant education and experience, other eligibility criteria may include governmental and/or organizational regulations. All criteria details are included with every offer.

** NOTE **
For other important information and details, please check the “Work Permits” section.

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