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Work Permit services for Foreign Youth under the International Experience Canada program

The 2023 IEC season is closed and no applications can be accepted at this time

IAESTE Canada is able to facilitate "Young Professionals" work permits for foreign youth (18-35) under the International Experience Canada program.  Numbers are limited and depend on our annual quota and our balance of inbound and outbound youth for the year.  Contact us for availability and fees.

To be eligible you must be:

The process takes approximately 3 months and can only be started when the IEC season is open. 

The IEC office has an annual closure to finalize one season and prepare for the upcoming season of quota permits and visas.  Although the timing of the closure varies, it is often from mid-late October to late December/early January.  Work permit applications cannot be made during this closure.  Check this IEC link for the current season status.


Due to a high volume of inquiries and wanting to assist you quickly, the following information and links provide answers to frequently asked questions.

NOTE that we are unable to respond to inquiries that are answered below.

Q:  Is IAESTE Canada’s inbound work permit quota open at this time (2023)? 

A:  Unfortunately, our inbound quota is currently FULL and it is expected to remain CLOSED for the remainder of 2023.

Q:  How do I get a Canadian work permit?

A:  For more information about Canada’s work permit application process, click here.


​Q:  How long does it take to process a Canadian work permit?

A:  We recommend allowing approximately 3 months for this governmental process.

Check this link for your country’s processing time and understand that these times periodically change.

Q:  What are the age criteria for IAESTE Canada and International Experience Canada (IEC)?

A:  18 – 35 years old


Q:  I want a Canadian Working Holiday Visa.  Can IAESTE Canada help me?

A:  No.  IAESTE Canada is not involved with Working Holiday visas.  Only IEC manages these visas.  

     To confirm your eligibility to enter Canada through IEC, click here.

Q:  I have a job in Canada but need to work with a Recognized Organization (RO) to get a work permit.  Can IAESTE Canada help me?

A:  When our inbound permit quota is open and once an individual has confirmed an internship in Canada, we can help facilitate getting their IEC work permit (primarily Young Professionals category).


Q:  Can IAESTE Canada find me a job in Canada and get me a work permit?

A:  No.  Our mandate is not finding work for individuals. However, if you have arranged a paid internship (between 8 – 52 weeks), we may be able to facilitate your work permit (when our inbound quota is open).

If you are a student outside of Canada and are looking for an international internship, please contact the IAESTE committee in your country.

Q:  I have a skilled job in Canada and want to stay in Canada, but my work permit or visa is expiring.  What do I do?

A:  If you are already working in Canada and want to extend your permit, click here.

Q:  What if my country is not listed on IAESTE’s member country list or on the list of countries that have a Youth Mobility Agreement (YMA) with Canada? Can I still get an IEC work permit for Canada?

A:  Unfortunately, if your country is not included on either of these lists, IAESTE Canada is not able to help you.

Q:  What are the current COVID-19 guidelines for Canada?

A:  To check the current COVID-19 guidelines in Canada, please click here.


Question not answered above? Get in touch to learn more.

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